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I’ve been thinking a bit about what kind of artist I want to be. Even though I don’t plan to go into art directly as a field, I still plan to keep growing as an artist after graduation. I’ve been thinking about what it means to be an artist today. There are no more patrons. There is no means by which to make art that will be seen by large numbers of people without self-promoting at great expense to yourself. Except for album covers. The album cover is the ultimate means by which to distribute art, in my opinion. As long as the band likes it, you’re golden to do whatever you want, and you get to stretch your creative muscles. Here are some of my favorite examples (all from bands I listen to:)

 Vintage. Say no mo.

 Modern! Such a geometric modern art style

. Retro, and fitting the band’s robot theme. Robots are to CP as floaty guy is to me.

. Photography, but so evocative in its angle and use of color. Who is man? Where he go?

 ‘Nother Caravan Palace because I love them. Love the retro, B-movie poster aesthetic of this one.

 Love me some digital painting and also world building. It also looks like the letters aren’t a typeface – they’re individually painted.

 Photography, but very subtly altered to unsettling effect.

 I don’t know what’s up with the fish, but I like it. The only-one-color thing is a cliche, but it’s a great one.

 Design like some old vinyl covers, with bonus creepiness due to the lack of saturation in the photo and her expression. It looks almost like an old black and white photo that’s been recolored after the fact.

 They made three dimensional art and then they photographed the art and now it’s an album cover of musical art.

 Very pop.  A masterpiece of minimalism. And robots.

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