(Lack of) Organization

Comedian Jon Richardson says the world is divided into “putters” and “leavers”: when you ask them where their keys are, they’ll either say, “oh, they’re wherever I put them!” or “oh, they’re wherever I left them….”

I am a leaver. But in an attempt to follow instructions and live my best life, I am trying really hard to be a putter for this class. I have made a lovely file called “Class Things”

(you can tell that I’m super amazing at naming files), in which I put my… class things. I also have a separate folder for screenshots, entitled “Screenshots.”

In an effort to be proactive, I have also created a Dropbox so that my files are backed up, and also so that I can do my WordPress or Photoshop based assignments at my own computer if I need/want to.

The one thing that I refuse to be persuaded on is naming my Photoshop layers. I’ve gone ten years with 60-layer digital paintings, and I’ve gotten along fine! I REFUSE TO ACCEPT INNOVATION. Also my criteria for making a new layer is completely arbitrary and I end up with a lot of layers that are like, “catchlight in eye and also a few strands of hair and the entire background gradient.”

I will keep everyone (Nell) updated on my progress as a putter and attempt to enter myself into some sort of layer-based rehab.

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