One of my professors asked me if I would draw her baby. 

I said yes and I did the thing and I’m super happy with the result but I am now in the world of COMMISSIONS. AND THEY SCARE ME. I hate pricing my art. Because it takes me a while and I use really nice, expensive materials that won’t fade and that means charging more. But I feel like the person is just thinking, “what? $50 for this piece of crap?” And I know the worst they can say is “no thanks I’ll look elsewhere” but I have this weird compulsion to have everyone like me and think I’m nice. Actively asserting that my art has value doesn’t really fit into that. There’s some big psychological issues at play here but the cliffs notes is that I AM GOING TO KEEP UNDERCHARGING FOR MY ART DESPITE THE FACT THAT IT MAKES ME FEEL ICKY.