Font of Wisdom

Here are my new and improved letters!



as opposed to the old


as opposed to the prior

I like them much better and even though they still look a lil bit Cyrillic, they’re not a form of plagiarism. The lowercase looks maybe a tiny bit like the Closed Captioning symbol.

I call it… Chad

Что эта?

Here are my final letters for my typeface project:

I like the Baskerville ones. I am less fond of Helvetica, which is weird, because I thought it would be the opposite. Still, this letter ended up looking heavy like the Cyrillic italic “ef”, so I’m disappointed with my own creativity.

I normally write Russian in cursive, and don’t really think about the printed form of the letters – especially the italic ones.


While I was brainstorming, I also invented the letters d and q, as well as the Calvin Klein logo. My mother is very proud.

The lowercase is actually a mix of j, d, b and l, and the uppercase is a mix of T and k. There was originally a gap in the loops of the lowercase, but it looked weird in Baskerville. If I used a lowercase c, one end was rounded and the other came to a point, and it didn’t look right, so I eventually gave it up.

I think I’m going to go back to my original plan of having gaps – that will differentiate my letter. I will find a way to make the ends clean.