I’m trying to utterly steal Bokkei’s style, so I used her medium: pastel. I’ve used them before, but for landscapes and for an assignment in which I had to painstakingly re-create a Mary Cassatt stroke-for-stroke, so I wasn’t totally sure how to do a portrait that was nice and blended (Cassatt didn’t blend.) I actually really loved it and had a lot of fun with it; I’ve been scared of opaque mediums in the past because I thought I’d make more mistakes with them, but it’s actually easier to go back over if you screw up. My one qualm was that it was very difficult to get small details. I had three different pastel types – prisma nupastels, rembrandt soft pastels, and faber-castell pastel pencils. The pencils were great for detail but they didn’t come in a large range of colors; most of the smaller areas were the same shades as the larger areas and therefore needed to be filled in with the larger pastels. The rembrandts are round, and I think that’s an incredibly stupid idea – you can’t get a small point no matter how you sand it. I ended up using the nupastels the most.


But I like my result. It looks a little unfinished at the edges but I like that. I hope I did Bokkei proud. 🙂