Boldly Going…finished?

My favorite painting professor (#bringbackKojo) used to tell me “I am going to take this away from you before you mess it up.” He noticed that I have a definite habit of working on projects indefinitely, trying to “fix” them, until they scarcely resembled what they were supposed to be when I started out. He didn’t think that was necessarily a bad thing, but he noticed that it frustrated me and that I would get into a cycle of self-perpetuating misery over fixing one mistake, but creating another, and then ending up with a piece that I didn’t even like. I’m trying to be the Kojo I want to see in the world by confiscating my own drawings and sticking them in my portfolio so I don’t keep looking at them – I can come back to them in a month if I still don’t like them. That wonky eyelid is still going to be there. So this piece is finished… for now.

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