Okay, I super loved this class. I recommended it to my roommate, and we are the cattiest, bitchiest people alive. We don’t recommend things lightly.

I had a lot of technical skills going into this class, just from having had the money to have access to Creative Suite and being able to click on things until they did stuff, but it was really really helpful having a purpose and a goal and just being let loose. There’s some work I did in this class that I’m really proud of, some less so, but I learned during all of it. I learned a lot about composition, something which I haven’t really learned much about as a largely self-taught artist. Some of it I’ve had vague ideas about without really knowing the terms for it, and other stuff I was totally new to.

Also, weirdly, I kind of learned about critique and how to critique and about not being married to your ideas and about how critique is not people personally attacking your art, god, Ingrid, calm down. I liked the balance we had in this class of constructive criticism and compliments. I guess that was my personal most important takeaway. Another takeaway in a general sense would be like, “visual media communicates ideas. How do you want to communicate your ideas? *slideshow of composition elements*”

I think I’ll definitely keep doing this blog. I really like the concept of the “process log”, even if no one sees it or cares in the future. That’s definitely what I’ll carry over from this class.

So that’s it. My last DP blog post. The post that hurts the most, truly. Tune in over the summer for random bits of thoughts and process logs for other projects because I wasn’t saying that last part just for credit. Thank you to Nell for being awesome.

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